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【Pre-order】War On Desktop Magnetic Q Serie GOUF Gundam Set

【Pre-order】War On Desktop Magnetic Q Serie GOUF Gundam Set

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Unlock your figurative force with this Magnetic Q Movable Gundam Set! With its magnetic power and movable parts, you'll be able to create a mini mecha masterpiece that's sure to stand out! Got the knack for DIY? Put your skills to the test and make something "Q"-uirky and totally unique!

This is a set of two GOUF, the finished height is about 4.5cm.

【This is a cycle pre-order product and will be shipped about 15 days after the pre-order is placed.】

1. This product is beige resin white parts, you need to polish the color of the repair parts by yourself, the mask is colorless transparent parts. Recommended for players with some experience in painting and modification, not recommended for novice buyers.
2. Set configuration: GOUF two, specific parts see pictures.
3. The content of the product has included the combination of magnets.

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