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KOSMOS PG Unicorn Gundam Phantom Series Light Set

KOSMOS PG Unicorn Gundam Phantom Series Light Set

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This light set from the dazzling Phantom series is a must-have for any fan of the KOSMOS PG Unicorn Gundam! With remote control and a customizable color palette, you'll bring this beloved character to life in a whole new way!

【This is a cycle pre-order product and will be shipped about 15 days after the pre-order is placed.】

Pre-ordered Floating Gun Weapon Stand only cannot be shipped!

This product is PG Unicorn Gundam for all models light kit, does not contain Gundam model, only provide light conversion kit, please understand clearly to buy!

Price breakdown by model

Main body light set price: $79.99 (PG Unicorn Gundam for all models)
Unicorn set price :$83.99 (Body Light Set + Small Shield Light Set *1)
Banshee Norn set price:$89.99 (Body Light Set + DE Shield Light*1 + Mane Light Set)
Phenex set price :$92.99 (Body Light Set + DE Shield Light*2)
Unicorn Gundam Perfectibility set price:$98.99 (Body Light Set + DE Shield Light*2+ Mane Light Set + Gun Claw Light Set)
Unicorn Gundam Final Battle Ver. set price: $92.99 (Body Light Set + Small Shield Light Set *3)

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