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【Pre-Order】PG Unicorn Gundam Clear Psycho Frame

【Pre-Order】PG Unicorn Gundam Clear Psycho Frame

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Experience the magic of pure craftsmanship with the PG Unicorn Gundam Clear Psycho Frame. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted for a truly unique and stunning design. The transparent psycho frame adds a touch of mystery and allows you to see the inner workings of this powerful Gundam.


1.The transparent frame is a reproduction product with a 40-day production cycle, requiring some DIY skills, and is not recommended for beginners.
2.The transparent frame, being a reproduction, may have minor imperfections or may require small adjustments. It is not suitable for perfectionists. The overall assembly is generally fine; minor fixes on individual parts are sufficient.
3.Customized products are not returnable or exchangeable unless there are quality issues. Think carefully before purchasing. The light unit must be bought separately; it uses a milky white translucent material for the light guide plate, which offers better light guiding performance and more uniform light distribution.

Purchase Recommendations:
It is recommended to buy the light guide version for Unicorn Gundam and Unicorn Gundam Perfectibility.
For Unicorn Gundam 02 BANSHEE NORN and Unicorn Gundam 03 PHENEX, the transparent version is recommended.

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