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HN Power Pack MG 1/100 Universal Backpack Accessory for Gundam Models

HN Power Pack MG 1/100 Universal Backpack Accessory for Gundam Models

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Elevate your Gundam model with the HN Power Pack, the definitive accessory for enthusiasts seeking to augment their collection. This universal backpack accessory is designed to enhance your Gundam's aesthetic and narrative allure.

Please note that this product is in the cycle scheduled shipment stage, the general delivery cycle is about 15 days after the order is placed. Buy now and look forward to your Gundam model collection.


  • Compatibility: Fits seamlessly with a wide range of MG 1/100 scale Gundam models.
  • Design: Crafted with precision, the backpack features an intricate array of details, simulating a miniature nuclear power unit.
  • Customization: Comes in three striking color variations—vivid red, deep blue, and classic black—to complement any model's color scheme.
  • Construction: The pack includes 15 robust plastic plates, ensuring durability and a high-quality finish.
  • Adaptation: With 18 different adapters, this kit is versatile enough to fit over 20 unique Gundam models, making it a universal fitting masterpiece.
  • Special Addition: Each set is accompanied by a vibrant fluorescent water-slide decal to add that extra flair to your

Make your Gundam stand out or give a unique gift to a fellow collector. The HN Nuclear Power Pack is not just an accessory, it's an upgrade to your Gundam experience.

Compatible Gundam Model Interface List
B5--MG Gundam Astray Red Frame
B7--MG Wing Gundam ZERO Ver.KA
B4--MG Strike Gundam
B24--1/100 Thunder
B1--MG  Unicorn Gundam  /  MG Sinanju
B3--MG  v Gundam Ver.KA /  MG  Hi-v Gundam Ver.KA
C13--MGEX Strike Freedom Gundam
B6--MG Freedom Ver 2.0
B8--MG  GM
B10--MG  RX-78-2 GUNDAM Ver.GTO
C12--1/100  GENESIS
C10--FM Gundam Aerial
B23--1/100 BaiQi / AoBing / CaoRen
B13--MG Gundam Barbatos

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